Swedish pupils encouraged in maths in CSR project

As a Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, Lars Beckman, CEO of CORE Process, has initiated a mathematics motivation project for pupils at a primary school (age 10-12) in Karlshamn, Sweden.

The project is a collaboration with an upper secondary school. During one term three students of the science program have been tutors in mathematics to pupils of the primary school. The purpose is to inspire and motivate for further math studies. The students have been cooperating with teachers of the primary school and used a method called Supplemental Instruction. The primary school pupils have also participated in laboratory experiments on the upper secondary school using mathematical calculations.

“It is important to motivate and inspire young people to do mathematics. Knowledge in maths is of critical future importance for the corporate industry and specifically what we at Core Process work with, creating a game changing business environment within cash flow and treasury”, said Lars Beckman when visiting the project.

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