Major fintech actor Taulia is entering the Nordic market

The American fintech company Taulia, recognised leader in technology-led working capital solutions, is entering the Nordic market as Swedish consulting firm CORE Process has signed a contract as representative partner.

The market is moving into more bank independent solutions and Taulia is a driver of the market for supply chain financing solutions. Fintech companies as Taulia is adapting and implementing new digital technologies including artificial intelligence, using machine learning as a tool for smarter, faster and more secure transactions, making the pros of early payments accessible to more suppliers.

– Taulia is an independent actor, which attractive solutions now will be accessible on the Nordic market. We are proud of being the partner to make Taulia the preferred choice within supply chain financing in the Nordic countries, said Lars Beckman, CEO of CORE Process.

Supply chain financing is a fast growing sector. Solutions offering reverse factoring/dynamic discounting are highly demanded.
– Our solutions enables major companies to make profit of its creditworthiness, offering its suppliers lower cash financing and thus strengthening the supplier relationship. This makes reverse factoring/dynamic discounting a true win-win solution, commented Jon Keating, Chief Sales Officer of Taulia.
– Taulia offers the first flexible financing solution that allows you to fund early payments to your entire supply chain without using your own cash.

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Taulia and CORE Process

More information:
Lars Beckman, CEO
CORE Process
+46 708 195900

Juhie Kapoor, Director Global Content and Communications

About Taulia
Taulia delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments and improve supply chain health.
Since its foundation in 2009, Taulia has envisioned a world where every business can thrive by liberating cash using our state of the art platform. Today our team of financial game changers have built a network connecting 1.6 million businesses across 168 countries and has accelerated more than $80 billion in early payments.
Taulia is headquartered in San Francisco with locations across the United States, the UK and Europe.

About CORE Process
CORE Process is a consulting firm specializing in treasury management services and working capital solutions. The main business function is strategic advice and ongoing treasury services for corporate operations.
CORE Process partners with BELLIN and Taulia, which are international leading fintech providers and service their clients with consulting and support on the Nordic market. CORE Process currently has six employees. Over 40 consultants are directly linked to CORE Process via partnerships.

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