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Breakfast briefing Helsinki: Turning change into opportunity

Join CORE Process and BELLIN for an exclusive breakfast briefing. Let us introduce you to our tm5 treasury management system – a web-based, dynamic and integrated platform that excels in ensuring global visibility, maximized security and uncapped work hours saved. When and where? Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Time: 8 am – 10 am Location: … Read more


Working capital optimization part 4: Deploying a solution

When undertaking a working capital optimization project, it’s essential to deploy your solution effectively so that you can achieve the desired outcomes. In particular, you’ll need to include all relevant stakeholders in the implementation and communicate with them effectively. While this may sound straightforward in theory, this aspect of the project can be challenging – particularly for … Read more


How to get treasury more effective

International corporates need to handle internal loans, currencies and payments in several countries – safe and easy. How do you meet this challenge? The answer is integrated and transparent treasury systems, using machine learning and automation. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. It is a rapid and profound change of the … Read more


Supply chain finance: Five reasons why you’ll benefit from a third-party solution

Third-party solutions are growing on a global scale, challenging traditional banking business models. But why is this happening now, and how can buyers and suppliers benefit from this? Here are five reasons why you should consider a third-party solution when initiating or expanding a supply chain finance programme. 1. Digital transformation Technological advancements, changing customer … Read more


New consulting partner on the Nordic market

The BELLIN market share of treasury systems is growing and the number of consultants working with the BELLIN tm5 treasury system on the Nordic market is now increasing. ”We are very pleased to have the consulting partner Infiniance on board supporting BELLIN projects. Infiniance is a perfect match with its deep and broad knowledge of … Read more


Five takeaways from 1TC and Nordic Cash and Treasury

We have started this year by attending two interesting conferences: the Bellin user conference 1TC and the business conference Nordic Cash and Treasury. So has Johan Isaksson, Group Treasurer of Itab, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of shop concepts. We called him up to get his main takeaways from these events. Bellin 1TC is a … Read more


Supply chain finance: Why third party solutions are growing

Third party solutions for managing payments and working capital are growing on a global scale. As a buyer you might ask yourself: How can we benefit from this? In this article I’ll show you how, and explain why third party solutions are growing. I recently opened an account with a connected bankcard with a neobank, … Read more


Working capital optimization part 3: measuring success

We’ve looked at the importance of setting clear goals in a working capital optimization program, as well as the need for a strategic approach and the issues to consider when choosing a partner. Now let’s explore how you can measure the success of your program. Working capital metrics The basic metrics used in any working … Read more


The cash flow revolution

In times of uncertainty, businesses tend to look inwards. Decisions are made to reduce outgoings, capex and R&D projects are shelved, and costs savings are made where possible. Invariably, suppliers are caught up in the cash conservation initiatives, as businesses tend to push out payment terms to improve days payable outstanding (DPO) figures. But this … Read more


Treasury management system: Changing from routine to strategic work in six months

Changing treasury management system or moving from several different treasury systems to a single integrated system can be a long and complicated process that drains both time and energy. But Intrum, a credit management services company with headquarters in Sweden, was able to change treasury management systems quickly, conveniently and seamlessly. “We just slid right … Read more