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The cash flow revolution is here – are you ready? Pt 1

Whether we recognize it or not we are now living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Driven by the need to release new levels of cash, companies are transitioning from limited working capital programs towards enterprise-wide cash optimization. In two blog posts I will show how this transition is both fueled and enabled by the Industry … Read more


Eurofinance 2019: Why treasury should be a part of the cyber security market

This year the Eurofinance conference in Copenhagen had “Resilient treasury” as its theme. It really hit the point of the discussions and talks I took part of. Cyber security and fraud management, issues that demand resilience, were recurring topics among the exhibition stands as well as the seminars. No wonder – this is, or should … Read more


How treasury management systems can bring value instead of stress

With the main business conference Eurofinance coming up in October in Copenhagen, it is time to warm up with some business intelligence. We are living and working in the fourth industrial revolution with rapid changes as a consequence of digitalization, automation and machine learning. The impact of technology on treasury is significant. If your corporation … Read more


How will open banking impact treasury?

Interview with Karsten Kiefer, BELLIN, on open banking, APIs and the future of bank connectivity. With financial data increasingly digitized and moved to the cloud, disruptive approaches have become available to fintechs and corporates have gained access to new and revolutionary opportunities. One such opportunity is open banking, also known as API banking. In this … Read more


Market watch: A heavier slowdown than expected

The global economy is significantly slowing down, but we have still no recession. Economies are growing, although at a more moderate pace. But indicators keep going down. Most clearly is this seen in the yield curves. In the beginning of this year I wrote about the pessimism in the economy. I then assessed it was … Read more


Breakfast briefing Helsinki: Turning change into opportunity

Join CORE Process and BELLIN for an exclusive breakfast briefing. Let us introduce you to our tm5 treasury management system – a web-based, dynamic and integrated platform that excels in ensuring global visibility, maximized security and uncapped work hours saved. When and where? Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Time: 8 am – 10 am Location: … Read more


Working capital optimization part 4: Deploying a solution

When undertaking a working capital optimization project, it’s essential to deploy your solution effectively so that you can achieve the desired outcomes. In particular, you’ll need to include all relevant stakeholders in the implementation and communicate with them effectively. While this may sound straightforward in theory, this aspect of the project can be challenging – particularly for … Read more


How to get treasury more effective

International corporates need to handle internal loans, currencies and payments in several countries – safe and easy. How do you meet this challenge? The answer is integrated and transparent treasury systems, using machine learning and automation. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. It is a rapid and profound change of the … Read more


Supply chain finance: Five reasons why you’ll benefit from a third-party solution

Third-party solutions are growing on a global scale, challenging traditional banking business models. But why is this happening now, and how can buyers and suppliers benefit from this? Here are five reasons why you should consider a third-party solution when initiating or expanding a supply chain finance programme. 1. Digital transformation Technological advancements, changing customer … Read more


New consulting partner on the Nordic market

The BELLIN market share of treasury systems is growing and the number of consultants working with the BELLIN tm5 treasury system on the Nordic market is now increasing. ”We are very pleased to have the consulting partner Infiniance on board supporting BELLIN projects. Infiniance is a perfect match with its deep and broad knowledge of … Read more