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Nordic Cash and Treasury Management: Digitalization starts with the analysis

Before you embark on a digitalization project, there are a few key things to consider. First you must know where to digitalize and how to prioritize your ongoing changes. To understand this you must identify the time that absorbs too much energy in your business. This is the belief of Lars Beckman, CEO at Core … Read more


Swedish pupils encouraged in maths in CSR project

As a Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, Lars Beckman, CEO of CORE Process, has initiated a mathematics motivation project for pupils at a primary school (age 10-12) in Karlshamn, Sweden.


The digitalization of treasury and working capital solutions starts with the analysis!

  Of course Core Process attends the leading Swedish conference Nordic Cash & Treasury Management, March 19-20th. You can already read the conference’s own interview with our CEO Lars Beckman about the digitalization of the business: ”Digitalization in itself is not much of a help. First you must know where to digitize and how to … Read more