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Strong demand for our Treasury Services – are you our new colleague?

Do you want to be part of digitalizing the finance and treasury operations in Nordic corporations? Do you enjoy constant development, staying at the forefront of treasury advancements, and working closely with a team in a client-focused environment? Then we have the job for you! Here’s what we offer: As one of our Treasury Consultant … Read more


Six Profitable Reasons to Invest in a Treasury Management System

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, safeguarding liquidity and navigating complex financial challenges are paramount. Legacy systems and manual processes are no longer sufficient. By investing in a Treasury Management System (TMS), you will empower your organization and rise above the competition. Here’s why: 1) Reduce Manual Processes Bid farewell to time-consuming manual tasks. With … Read more


Time to improve your cash management strategy

How smart is your cash management strategy? Let’s review the fundamentals. Which of these statements is incorrect? A.  A sound cash management strategy involves looking at all of the organization’s cash inflows and outflows. B.  Collection processes and the average length of account receivable can have a significant impact on cash management. C.  Cash flow … Read more


Five steps to accountable cash forecasts

Accountable cash forecasts have always been a challenge for large, global organisations – but yet critical for cutting financial costs and avoiding temporary insolvencies. The corona pandemic underlines the need for cash visibility and frequent and accountable cash forecasts. So, how do you succeed in this? The short answer is: Invest in an integrated Treasury … Read more


Good news for all Nordic Treasurers: Coupa Software acquires BELLIN

CORE Process is now a member of a new exciting community: The California-based business spend management platform provider Coupa Software. No, we have not been acquired. But Coupa Software announced on the 12th of June that they had acquired BELLIN Group – of which CORE Process is the Nordic distributor. BELLIN’s Treasury Management System tm5 … Read more


The cash flow revolution is here – are you ready? Pt 1

Whether we recognize it or not we are now living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Driven by the need to release new levels of cash, companies are transitioning from limited working capital programs towards enterprise-wide cash optimization. In two blog posts I will show how this transition is both fueled and enabled by the Industry … Read more


Eurofinance 2019: Why treasury should be a part of the cyber security market

This year the Eurofinance conference in Copenhagen had “Resilient treasury” as its theme. It really hit the point of the discussions and talks I took part of. Cyber security and fraud management, issues that demand resilience, were recurring topics among the exhibition stands as well as the seminars. No wonder – this is, or should … Read more


How treasury management systems can bring value instead of stress

With the main business conference Eurofinance coming up in October in Copenhagen, it is time to warm up with some business intelligence. We are living and working in the fourth industrial revolution with rapid changes as a consequence of digitalization, automation and machine learning. The impact of technology on treasury is significant. If your corporation … Read more


Supply chain finance: Five reasons why you’ll benefit from a third-party solution

Third-party solutions are growing on a global scale, challenging traditional banking business models. But why is this happening now, and how can buyers and suppliers benefit from this? Here are five reasons why you should consider a third-party solution when initiating or expanding a supply chain finance programme. 1. Digital transformation Technological advancements, changing customer … Read more


Supply chain finance: Why third party solutions are growing

Third party solutions for managing payments and working capital are growing on a global scale. As a buyer you might ask yourself: How can we benefit from this? In this article I’ll show you how, and explain why third party solutions are growing. I recently opened an account with a connected bankcard with a neobank, … Read more